OpenHPI 2.7.3 has been released (12/21/2006)

This release brings new IPMI and BladeCenter plugin features, plus a couple of useful library public functions:

For a complete list of 2.7.3 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

OpenHPI 2.7.2 has been released (12/01/2006)

With this release comes a new way of using HPI domains. It also contains a fix in the utilities library for MIPS targets. Here is the summary of the features:

For a complete list of 2.7.2 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

OpenHPI 2.7.1 has been released! (11/03/2006)

The second development release since 2.6 is out on Go and try it out. Most of the changes in this release are new feauteres. Here is the summary:

For a complete list of 2.7.1 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

OpenHPI 2.7.0 has been released! (10/06/2006)

2.7.0 is out. Starring, two main enhancements in this release:

For a complete list of 2.7.0 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

OpenHPI 2.6.2 has been released! (09/15/2006)

OpenHPI 2.6 underwent intense conformance testing using the SAFTest suite. The result is 2.6.2.

Some highlights:

For a complete list of 2.6.2 bugs and features, take a look at the 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 changelogs.

SNMP Subagent 2.3.4 has been released (09/13/06)

An updated OpenHPI SNMP Subagent, version 2.3.4, was released with a much needed update of the SAF MIB files.

PyOpenHPI - OpenHPI wrapper for Python programs! (9/1/2006)

Yes, you heard right. The OpenHPI team presents its python binding module. There is no official release for this yet, but you can get it from the subversion repository. Even though this is in beta state, the module already features all of the APIs made available through libopenhpi and the very handy libopenhpiutils.

We would very much like to know what people think of this python module. So check it out, take a look at and try the examples. Make sure you read the README file before you start as there is some good information about usage and system requirements for building the module. I think you'll be surprised by how well the APIs have been adapted to python, but you be the final judge on that.

Assuming you have subversion installed, type the following to checkout the PyOpenHPI python module:

svn co pyopenhpi

Enjoy and post your impressions on the mailing list.

OpenHPI 2.6.0 has been released! (7/31/2006)

The 2.6.0 stable release is available on SourceForge ( This version places the OpenHPI daemon as the standard way to get HPI data. The old non-daemon configuration is still available for debugging purposes, but you have to recompile the library with the right options, and it will not be the supported way for using OpenHPI.

Various features had been added to the 2.5.x development line for this release including:

Highlights for 2.6.0 are:

For a complete list of 2.6.0 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

OpenHPI 2.5.2 released! (6/13/2006)

2.5.2 is out the door. A lot of clean up has been done in several areas to make the code nimbler and more bug-free. Note that for this release, threaded mode is always on. The option to choose otherwise has been eliminated. This is to prepare for a related change coming in 2.6.x concerning the integration of the standard core library into the daemon.

Highlights are:

For a complete list of 2.5.2 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

OpenHPI 2.5.1 development release (5/04/2006)

OpenHPI 2.5.1 is out on sourceforge. Get it and give us your feedback. This release serves as the development base for a couple of major changes coming for 2.6 which include a revamped multi-domain handling that takes the load off of the plugin developers, and an exclusive client/server oriented architecture. 2.5.1 rolls out with SNMPv3-related added features, hotswap improvements, UTF-16 validation support, stronger testing for annunciators, a more sculpted daemon, and several bugs caught and fixed.


For a complete list of 2.5.1 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

OpenHPI 2.5.0 development release (3/24/2006)

This is a development release based on the latest stable which has several bugfixes and includes a more robust BladeCenter plugin.


For a complete list of 2.5.0 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

New Stable Version OpenHPI 2.4.0 is released! (2/12/2006)

OpenHPI presents the new stable version 2.4.0. This is the first stable release of the year after having gone through the maturing development release cycles of 2.3.x, and paves the way for 2.6 around mid-year which will incorporate some big changes like better multi-domain configurability and an exclusive client-server infrastructure for added conformance to HPI. In this release, you will find:

For a complete list of 2.4.0 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

OpenHPI 2.3.1 Development Release is out! (1/12/2006)

Happy New Year 2006! The OpenHPI Team welcomed the new year with a new 2.3.1 development release. Bugs have been fixed in the core library that came out of conformance testing. The Blade Center plugin went through some live testing where several bugs were found and fixed, along with added improvements. Here are the highlights:

For a complete list of 2.3.1 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

OpenHPI 2.3.0 Development Release is out! (11/19/2005)

After a long wait, the first development release since the latest stable version is finally out. The wait was worth it, though, as this release comes with many important fixes and improvements to both the library and plugins.


For a complete list of 2.3.0 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

OpenHPI SNMP Subagent 2.3 released (11/19/2005)

This is the third stable release this year. A lot of features have been added to the subagent, along with a few bug fixes. Release 2.3.0, the most solid subagent release up to date.


OpenHPI SNMP Subagent 2.2 Stable Released! (10/14/2005)

The OpenHPI SNMP Subagent 2.2 was released today after several months of improvements and bug fixes. The HPI MIB that it uses was home-grown in the OpenHPI project and has been adopted by the SA Forum as the official HPI SNMP MIB. So come and get the first open source SNMP Subagent for HPI, from the very originators of the HPI MIB, right here.

Highlighted features:

OpenHPI 2.2.0 Stable Release! (09/19/2005)

OpenHPI 2.2.0 Stable has been released. This is the second stable release this year after several previous development releases. A lot of bug fixes have gone into it, along with all of the new features. 2.2.0 is the most solid and HPI conformant release up to date. New features include:

For a complete list of 2.2.0 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

OpenHPI 2.1.2 Development Release! (07/25/2005)

This is the third development release since OpenHPI 2.0.0 stable came out. The next release will be 2.2.0 stable. This development release has bug fixes across the board. New features include:

For a complete list of 2.1.2 bugs and features, take a look at the changelog.

OpenHPI SNMP Subagent 2.0.0 released! (05/20/2005)

This is the second stable release of the SNMP subagent. Many bugs have been fixed, but the major feature with this new release is that 2.0.0 supports the HPI B.01.01 specification created by the SA Forum.

With the subagent 2.0.0 you can: do discovery, write rows, create rows, and delete rows where applicable. In addition, the following tables have been completed (29 out of 56).:

The subagent 2.0.0 works with the latest stable OpenHPI 2.0.4. Get it while its hot in the releases section on the left sidebar. Thanks to Dave Judkovics for all his work on this release.

OpenHPI 2.0.4 Stable Release (05/20/2005)

A quick 2.0.4 release was made to fix some installations issues in the utilities library. Applications using the installed utils library should compile without issues now.

OpenHPI 2.1.1 Development Release! (05/02/2005)

The OpenHPI development 2.1.1 release is out! Our second development release since OpenHPI 2. Several feautures and bug fixes came through for this version including multiple domain capability.

Changelog for 2.1.1

OpenHPI 2.1.0 Development Release is out! (04/04/2005)

OpenHPI 2.1.0 is out! This is our first development release since 2.0.0 came out. Following, a summary of the features for this release:

Changelog for 2.1.0

OpenHPI 2.0.3 Stable Release (03/08/2005)

OpenHPI 2.0.3 has been released. This is essentially a bug fix from head to tail. The following bug fixes were geared to resolve threading issues:

Other fixes include:

Changelog for 2.0.3

OpenHPI 2.0.0 Stable Release (12/31/2004)

OpenHPI 2.0.0 has been released! This is the first stable release of OpenHPI providing well-tested and robust implementation of the HPI B.01.01 specification.

The current stable release provides:

HpiView: Bundled with the release is a preview of HpiView, a GTK based GUI application to be run with OpenHPI.

The binaries and source can be obtained by accessing the Files section in SourceForge. For convenience a direct link is also available on this web site. RPMs for SuSE are provided; however, the build has been tested on RedHat/Fedora as well and Source RPM is provided. For Assistance with installing/running the release, feel free to contact us via the mailing list or at #openhpi on

Quality and Testing:

The OpenHPI team has worked very hard to achieve a high-quality implementation. As noted above, the current bug count is very low and is primarily in platform support versus interface implementation, feature support and/or specification conformance. The current release was based on a criteria taking into account both conformance and functional aspects of the code.

 Platform: Intel Carrier Grade TIGPR2U Server with IPMI 1.5 .
 OpenHPI Plug-in: IPMI
 OpenIPMI Version: 1.3.16 (latest)
 Conformance results (hpitest):
 Total test cases: 530
 Pass: 341 (64%)
 Fail: 3 (<1%)
 N/A: 186 (35%)

 Functional stats(hpifun):
 Total test cases: 81
 Pass: 51 (63%)
        Fail: 0 (0%)
        N/A: 186 (35%)

*Note:  N/A means platform does not support tested features.
        IPMI plug-in currently does not support Inventory write/add functionality due to lack of support in
        current supported version of OpenIPMI (1.3.16).  This will be resolved once we start using
        OpenIPMI 1.4.x tree.

Changelog for 2.0.0

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