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This wiki is a location for OpenHPI related items. It is being graciously hosted by [http://osdl.org OSDL] at the Marist College OSDL laboratory on a zLinux image. All items are stored under ["OpenHPI"] main tree to allow other projects to use this spaces as well.

Points of Interest

  • ["OpenHPI"] - Base OpenHPI project information, documentation, planning, etc
  • ["OpenHPIDumps"] - Dumps of OpenHPI output for various platforms and plugins, useful to get a feel of what this all does.
  • ["OpenHPIReleaseSchedule"]
  • ["HpiView"] - a simple GUI application for HPI implementations

  • SafTest

  • ["PlatformsSupported"] - Platforms on which OpenHPI builds and runs. Systems on which the plugins will run.

  • DevelopmentTeam - the people that brought you this software

  • ["OpenHPI SNMP subAgent"] - SNMP Subagent project information, documentation, planning, etc

Get OpenHPI

  • Latest Packages are always available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/openhpi

    • Latest Stable: 2.0.3
    • Latest Devel: 2.1.2 (RSN)
  • RPMS - please make some and link them here
  • Debs - please make some and link them here

Get Support!

To use this wiki you must sign up and create a valid user id (a spam prevention technique). If you want to learn more about using a wiki check out the WikiCourse.

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