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OpenHPI provides an open source implementation of the [http://saforum.org Service Availability Forum] (SAF) Hardware Platform Interface (HPI).

HPI is an abstracted interface for managing computer hardware, typically chassis and rack based servers. HPI includes resource modeling; access to and control over sensor, control, watchdog, and inventory data associated with resources; abstracted System Event Log interfaces; hardware events and alerts; and a managed hotswap interface.

OpenHPI's architecture contains a modular mechanism intended to make adding new hardware support easier. Several plugins exist in the OpenHPI source tree giving access to various types of hardware. This includes, but is not limited to, IPMI based servers, Blade Center, and machines which export data via sysfs.

The OpenHPI project is always looking for more participants. If you are interested in using and/or taking a part in the evolution of OpenHPI, then [:Contact Us:contact us] and we'll tell you how.

About this wikiBR This wiki is being graciously hosted by [http://www.osdl.org OSDL] at the Marist College OSDL laboratory using a zLinux image.BR To use this wiki, you must [:UserPreferences:sign up] and create a valid user id (a spam prevention technique) so that you can login. If you want to learn more about using a wiki, check out the HelpContents page.



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