Contacting Us

Email: - This is the main mailing list. Developers and users alike converse here. Postings to this list by non-members will be moderated and approved as long as the email is relevant. Join the list to avoid the moderation hold up.

You can talk to us live at our public chat room.
Chat Room: #openhpi, IRC Server:

Don't know what IRC is?

Getting support

You can report bugs by using the mailing list or irc, but we would like you better if you also open a bug report on our SourceForge Bug Tracker.

Feature Requests:<<BR> You can request features by using the mailing list or irc, but if you want us to take it seriously you should also open a feature request report on our SourceForge Feature Request Tracker

Hearing from us

Email: - This mailing list is used only to send out release announcements for the project. Anyone not wanting to hear the chatter on openhpi-devel should join this list to receive email notification when there has been a new release. If you are already on openhpi-devel, you do not need to be on this list as announcements are sent to both lists.
You can also subscribe to our projects on As of June 2014 and does not update the releases

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